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Infernally Mine

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Infernally Mine (The Infernal Blade Book 1)

🚨 Blurb 🚨

I’m a killer and I’m good at it. 🗡

It’s not something you can put on a resume or bring up during a date — but we all have our secrets.

The visions I see at night are part of mine.

The Elders send me visions of my new targets — chosen by them — for me to kill. I don’t determine if they are good or bad — just that their fate is to die by my hand. 💀

Questioning the Elders is suicide. I am just a monster for them to direct.

One night my vision features four sinfully yummy men. They seem to find me delicious as well. 🔥

When my life gets thrown into chaos, these men are the only ones I can trust.

What happens when I am not the monster I’ve always believed myself to be?

I went from being the killer to the target.

One thing is for sure, I don’t plan on remaining anyone’s prey.

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Infernally Marked


🔥 Assassins
🖤 Murder
🔥 Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
🖤 Fated Mates
🔥 Demons


From this day forward you are one of us. One of the Infernal Blade.

When Mara hits her limit, her foster father meets her blade and so starts her induction into a life of death and darkness. The initiation into the Infernal Blade is filled with pain and fear but what comes out on the other side is one of the most powerful creatures to walk the Earth.

Years before meeting her men, Mara, living as a homeless teen meets the Elders just as her life is thrown into upheaval. With her best friend Rora by her side, Mara tries to work out what her life has become and works to come to grips with the fact that nothing will ever be the same.

Infernally Marked, previously part of the Assassin Society Anthology, is the prequel to Infernally Mine, a medium burn #whychoose book that sets the stage for this epic series of death, loyalty, and love. This prequel is from Mara’s point of view as a teen so there are no explicit scenes but there is foul language. Intended for mature audiences only.

Rose (Jewels Cafe Book 12)

☕💖 Plus-sized PNR RomCom Free on Kindle Unlimited 💖☕

Rose is a gorgeous, plus sized heroine who is about to get mixed up in a whole ‘nother world!

Rose has a night job at Vee, the hottest nightclub in Silver Springs. It gives her freedom, endless free drinks, and best of all… access to the three oh so sexy owners who are not what they seem.

Rose’s new bosses have a dark and dangerous secret… and a big, beautiful human like Rose is completely off limits.

But one magical pumpkin spice latte later, Rose’s whole world is flipped upside down.

Rose is a standalone paranormal reverse harem novella. It’s part of the Jewels Cafe shared universe.

Rose: Gettin Frosty (A Winter Themed Rose Bonus Story)


I have re-released Rose: Gettin Frosty (previously in the RH Snowmen Anthology) on Amazon! This book should be read after Rose. It is a winter themed short bonus story that has lots of steaminess 🔥

Available on Kindle Unlimited!!!

Rose: Feelin Thorny

💟Plus-sized PNR RomCom💟

💓 Steamy
💓 Hilarious
💓 Keeps you on your toes!


Rose drank the pumpkin spice latte and she got the men. Sounds like a happily ever after for this big beautiful vampire woman, right?

Not so fast.

Rose, Dean, Finn, and Sebastian have figured out that someone is targeting Vee with bogus charges, but they don’t know who or why.

Could it be a coincidence? An act of passion from an ex? An attack on their vampirism? Or could it be something else entirely?

When the attacks go one step too far, Rose finds her once normal life changed dramatically once again.

Will Rose and her men ever get a minute to relax or could this be the end of Vee?



Calluna is sassy, snarky, and doesn’t give a crap about, well, anything.

A complete cynic, Calluna doesn’t believe in all this love garbage that she keeps seeing all over the town. Nope, she is just fine keeping to herself and her pet store, Beastie Besties, spank you very much.

She has a mystery to solve anyway, someone is cursing all the animals in town with dark magic.

Calluna is determined to break the curses and find the culprit but she’ll have to travel down a dark road herself. A road that leads her to a very strange book that will change the life she has always known.

Calluna is a paranormal romance that is a part of the Silver Springs shared universe. Calluna will not be choosing at the end.

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Dreaming of Death

Jess had her life planned out. She graduated from college and was living in the city with her fiance. Their relationship ends with his betrayal and she is forced to move back home.

What happens when her escape from one nightmare leads her to another? Is anything she believes true?!

This is a standalone Horror Romance. The female main character will not choose in the end. Intended for mature audiences only.